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Fair Housing

The Housing Authority of the City of Long Beach (HACLB) is committed to providing equal opportunity to all individuals, including individuals with disabilities and families that include a member with disabilities, in participating in and benefitting from our programs.  
A reasonable accommodation is a change, exception, modification, or adjustment that the HACLB makes to rules, policies, services, or regulations that will provide a participant with a disability an equal opportunity to participate in programs administered by the HACLB.
The HACLB will seek to identify and eliminate conditions that create barriers to equal opportunity and, whenever possible, will make physical and procedural changes in order to reasonably accommodate people with disabilities.
An example of a reasonable accommodation that may be requested may include:
  • A change in the Housing Authority’s rules, policies, or operations that would make it easier for you to live in your unit;
  • A change in the way we communicate with you or give you information.
  • Permitting a live-in Personal Care Attendant to live with a disabled participant who might need 24-hour assistance. 
If any member of your household is living with a disability and needs an accommodation in order to fully participate in any of our programs, please contact your housing specialist.
In most cases, verification of the disability and how the requested accommodation is related to the disability will be required.

Fair Housing Pilot Program

The Long Beach City Prosecutor and Long Beach Housing Authority have partnered in order to inform the public of housing discrimination laws and to investigate and remedy housing discrimination violations.

Through this partnership, the City has launched its new Fair Housing Long Beach website to provide information about these laws and also allow the public to submit complaints if they are a victim of fair housing discrimination. 

Visit Fair Housing Long Beach here

For Housing Providers

HUD has posted an interactive diagram to help housing providers understand their obligations if named as a respondent in a Fair Housing Act investigation. You can view the diagram here