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Micro-Mobility Program (e-Scooters/E-Bikes)

The 2023 Shared Micromobility Program regulations can be found here.

Since August 7, 2020, Long Beach has had a permanent citywide Shared Micromobility Permit Program for electric scooter operations. Four Operators were selected through the Request for Proposal process, which allows Operators to apply for a 12-month Micromobility Permit. Through the City’s program, each Operator can deploy up to 1000 e-scooters. Deployment of the program’s e-scooters are only allowed on City pre-approved drop-zones. Operators are responsible for the maintenance, operations, and disinfecting of their fleet of e-scooters daily. Mobility staff will continue to monitor the program and provide recommendations on program changes to the City Council as necessary.

Go Long Beach App:

Residents and businesses are encouraged to report any e-scooter parking violations through the City’s Go Long Beach App. Once reported through the app, e-scooter vendors will typically remove the vehicle within 2 hours.

E-Scooter Vendor Contact Info:

The public should contact vendors directly regarding issues with vehicle maintenance, billing, and questions regarding pricing and user apps.

Bird: hello@bird.co 1-866-205-2442
Lime: support@li.me 1-888-LIME-345
VeoRide: LBCops@veoride.com 1-855-836-2256

E-Scooter Reduced Fare Programs:

Bird Community Pricing
Lime Access
Veo Access

Questions or comments on the program? Contact City of Long Beach: e-scootershare@longbeach.gov

Micro-Mobility FAQ

  • Where Can I Ride An E-Scooter?

    It is illegal for e-scooter users to ride on the sidewalk (CVC 21235g). Riders must use a bike lane whenever possible or ride in a vehicle travel lane on streets 25 MPH or under (CVC 21229 and CVC 21235b). Visit the E-Scooter Safety Tips page for more info.

  • Which E-Scooters Companies Operate In Long Beach?

    Bird, Lime, and VeoRide are participating in the program.

  • How Much Does It Cost?

    Each vendor sets their own pricing, but most charge riders an initial fee with additional fees per minute. Please check the respectable e-scooter apps for more information before riding.

  • How Fast Do The E-Scooters Go?

    All vendors participating in the pilot are required to limit e-scooter speeds to 15mph. This is also mandated by California Vehicle Code 22411.

  • Can Children Ride E-Scooters?

    No. Riders in Long Beach must be 18 years of age and in possession of a driver license per California Vehicle Code 21235d. Double riding is also illegal per CVC 21235 e.

  • Where Can I Park An E-Scooter?

    Riders are encouraged to park their scooters in designated locations that appear in the e-scooter vendors apps. Riders should never park their scooter where it could block pedestrian and wheelchair access. (CVC 21235i).

  • Can Two People Ride On One Scooter?

    No. Only one person is allowed to ride a scooter at a time regardless of age (CVC 21235 e).

  • Do I Need To Wear A Helmet?

    Helmets are always encouraged and can be provided free-of-charge per request from an operator. However, as of January 1, 2019, it is no longer mandatory to wear a helmet on an e-scooter in California.

  • Who Do I Contact If I Have Any Questions?

    Riders and residents are encouraged to email E-ScooterShare@longbeach.gov with any questions or issues about the overall program. Questions regarding billing, pricing, or equipment should be sent directly to the respective e-scooter vendor:

    Bird: hello@bird.co 1-866-205-2442
    Lime: support@li.me 1-888-LIME-345
    VeoRide: LBC@veoride.com 1-855-836-2256