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Beach Operations

Beach Operations is responsible for all day operations. A minimum of two lifeguard response vehicles are on duty to cover all daytime needs. During our busiest season, June to September, 140 seasonal lifeguards are employed to assist with the increased need for service.

diveteam_1Dive Team

First established in 1968, the Long Beach Lifeguard Search & Rescue Dive Team has become an industry leader. The Dive Team has three platoons, each comprised of a dive master and four divers. The Team is responsible for all underwater search and rescue, body recovery operations, evidence collection, salvage and all other related activities. Recognized as a leader in public safety diving, the Long Beach Fire Department/Lifeguard Dive Team has trained many other Lifeguard, Fire and Police dive teams.

Swiftwater Rescue Team rescue

The Long Beach Fire Department/Lifeguards have the country's first fully integrated Fire/Lifeguard Swiftwater Rescue Team. The team consists of 12 lifeguards and 8 firefighters and responds to all emergency calls that involve moving water or flooding. All team members are trained to Swiftwater Rescue levels 1 and 2. Additional specialized training includes Swiftwater Rescue Instructor, Animal Rescue, High Angle Rescue, Rope Systems and Inflatable Rescue Boat Handling.