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Enter the Academy


The Fire Academy Drill School is a unique training experience designed to develop those persons seeking a profession in firefighting. The Academy will provide recruits with an environment to learn and develop skills, abilities, and procedures related to firefighter work. The recruit will be asked to perform learned skills under a controlled, simulated, and stressful environment to help replicate situations experienced by firefighters. The Fire Academy will challenge recruits to their mental, emotional, and physical limits to better prepare them for the demands of firefighting work.

The Fire Academy will require recruits to study provided information, complete and pass written examinations, and prepare uniforms and equipment for daily inspections. This can be a time-consuming process. Without a solid support system, a recruit may find it difficult to meet the standard requirements. The Fire Academy training is paid and lasts 16-18 weeks on a 4/10 schedule (four days a week, ten hours a day). Upon graduation, Fire Recruits are promoted to Firefighter and are assigned to a fire station for a probationary period of 2,912 scheduled hours. It is ancipitated that the academy will begin early to late Fall of 2020. An orientation is usually held approximately two weeks prior to the start of the academy.


Firefighters are entrusted by the community to enforce the law legally, morally, and ethically. Recruits are expected to perform with the highest level of character, integrity, and professionalism. While at the Fire Academy, the recruit shall adhere to the following:

  • Arrive on the first day in excellent physical condition, ready for rigorous physical activity
  • Ability to be “coachable” and work in a team environment
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