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Step 4: Oral Interviews

Upon successful completion of steps 1-4, eligible candidates will be invited to participate in a Captain's Oral Interview. The Captain's Oral Inteview panel consists of one Long Beach Fire Department Captain and one community member. Several structured questions will be posed to each applicant. The questions are designed to evaluate the applicant's experience and assess their communication skills.

Eligible candidates may then be invited to participate in a Chief's Oral Interview. The Chief's Oral Interview panel consists of two Long Beach Fire Department Chiefs, ranking from Battalion Chief to Deputy Chief. The better prepared applicant will have a good working knowledge of the City of Long Beach, its rich diversity, the Fire Department, and the many events and attractions that make Long Beach unique.

Final candidates will be issued a conditional offer of employment and will be required to pass a thorough background investigation and job-related medical and psychological examinations.

NOTE: All applicants are encouraged to order and retain their medical records associated with their current medical conditions and procedures, physical symptoms, limitations, restrictions, and the use of medications and drugs, immediately following their successful completion of this step.

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