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STEP 3: Physical Abilities Test


The Long Beach Fire Department will require successful completion of the Physical Abilities Test (PAT). This test is administered directly by the Long Beach Fire Department and candidates that are selected to move forward are invited to take a practice test (optional) prior to taking the test.

Candidates should be aware that the Fire Department Academy Staff begins the screening and selection process as soon as they see a candidate enter the Training Center grounds. Candidates should keep this in mind and conduct themselves accordingly.

Candidates will be required to complete a series of firefighting tasks wearing safety equipment; turnout coat, breathing apparatus (shell and empty bottle), helmet, and structural firefighting gloves. All equipment necessary for the test (including practice test) will be provided by the staff.

PREP (Prospective Recruit Exercise Program):
The Long Beach Fire Department has established an exercise program to help prepare and familiarize candidates for the physical demands that will be expected in recruit training. For questions about the program, email joinlbfd@longbeach.gov.

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