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STEP 2: Written Examination                                                       



Completion of the FireTeam entry-level, firefighter examination is required.  Applicants must schedule a testing date through nationaltestingnetwork.com. NTN charges a fee to take the FireTEAM examination.

Limited fee waivers are available through the City of Long Beach, on a first come, first served basis. Proof of financial need is required.

Applicants should ensure that they select for their score is sent to LONG BEACH FIRE DEPARTMENT in California. 

The Examination Consists of Four Parts:

Human Relations Video

The human relations video scenario test is weighted 100%. The video-based human relations test is a timed, multiple-choice, video-based test of teamwork and human relation skills specifically designed for the firefighter job. After viewing a video segment applicants are required to identify, in a brief timeframe, the best and worst course of action. In the last section of the video scenario test, the applicant must answer questions about some of the firefighters depicted in the video scenarios. 

Mechanical Aptitude

The mechanical aptitude test is qualifying. The mechanical aptitude test is also video-based and measures mechanical aptitude by troubleshooting an animated brick-making factory. The applicant will view a detailed introduction to the animated brick-making factory and then answer multiple-choice questions about the factory.

Reading Test

The reading test is qualifying. The reading test is also designed specifically for the firefighter job that requires the on-going study of difficult and technical materials. The test is based on training materials and the applicant is required to choose a word that best fits the blank.

Math Test

The math test is qualifying. The math test is designed specifically for firefighters. The questions are presented on video. Questions are based on the type of math that firefighters must use on a regular basis as part of the job. Basic areas covered include: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and proportions.

After the examinations have been scored, all candidates will be emailed a notice of their results. Candidates who are successful in all four of these examinations will be placed on the Fire Recruit eligible list. A minimum score of 70 on the Human Relations Video examination is required to qualify; all other portions are pass/fail. Certification by score bands may be considered based on an analysis of test results.

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