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Residential Inspection Program

The Long Beach Fire Department is responsible for many aspects of the community’s health and safety. Much of this depends on an active Fire Prevention Inspection Program. The Fire Department has revitalized the Multi-Family Residential Inspection Program and will be conducting building inspections annually. Additional inspectors will be assisting fire engine companies in the administration of this program.

With the revitalization of this Residential Inspection Program, property owners and managers will have an opportunity to meet and speak with those providing the protection for your local community. Items inspected are based on the most recent adoption of the 2016 California Fire Code.

Residential buildings that are being inspected are defined in the California Fire Code, Section 202, as “the use of a building or structure, or a portion thereof, for sleeping purposes…”. This includes buildings such as apartments, condominiums, boarding houses, hotels, and motels. The state law was developed using reasonable assumptions on parameters such as evacuation time, but also on the experience gained from unfortunate incidents where there was significant loss of life. State law allows agencies to collect cost recovery fees for inspections.

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