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Administration Bureau

The Administration Bureau is under the direction of the Administration Bureau Manager. The Bureau is charged with maintaining the general administrative tasks associated with a large organization and supports the entire Fire Department through the provision of administrative services, including personnel management, fiscal operations, and purchasing and warehouse operations. Fiscal operations such as preparing the annual budget, overseeing the daily business transactions, receiving and depositing receipts for services provided to the public represent the primary focus of the fiscal component. Warehouse operations are charged with receiving and distributing the daily supplies necessary to the routine maintenance of the 24 fire stations, the training center, the alarm bureau and Headquarters. The bureau is supported by an Administrative Officer, two Administrative Analyst(s) and a Secretary.

The Payroll / Personnel Section  

The Payroll/Personnel section maintains the records for the department's 500+ employees, and is responsible for all personnel transactions, including payroll, employee benefits, and workers' compensation.

Over 100,000 data entries are required to insure 26 accurate and timely payrolls are met. Insurance needs, flexible spending and deferred compensation programs, employment verification and many other facets associated with personnel processes are maintained by the two individuals in this section.

Fiscal Operations 

Fiscal Operations staff prepares and monitors the Fire Department's annual budget, oversees the daily business and financial transactions, and ensures compliance with all applicable fiscal policies.

Purchasing and Warehouse 

Purchasing and Warehouse staff are responsible for purchasing, receiving, and distributing all equipment, materials, supplies and services necessary for Fire Department operations.

The Information Services 

The Information Services section provides statistical data and reports that are utilized to assess the department's effectiveness in service delivery. Information provided by this section is used to determine training needs, service adjustments and long range planning. Numerous reports are developed on a daily basis and are critical to the overall effectiveness of the Fire Department.