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When submitting bids it is essential that all requirements of the bid are completed as specified. Please read all instructions and be aware of all timelines, so that you do not miss any important details.The following are suggestions for submitting a successful bid to the City of Long Beach:

  • It is important to understand the Instructions concerning signatures
  • Bid must be signed by two corporate officers if the bidder is a corporation unless accompanied by a corporate resolution.
  • All pages of the Invitation to Bid should be submitted as required.
  • Invitation to Bid document must be completed as required.
  • Notarial Acknowledgment should be submitted when required; i.e., companies located outside of the state of California or companies that do not have a business operation with an established address within California (must be same address as shown on Invitation to Bid; P.O. Boxes are not acceptable) are required to submit a Notarial Acknowledgment of Corporate Officer or of the authorized person that has signed the bid.
    • NOTE: Only one signature will be required of the "Principal,” if the principal is a partnership, sole proprietary (individuals) or limited liability company.
  • When bonds are required (Labor & Material or Performance Bonds), and Notarial Acknowledgments should be submitted. Three acknowledgments are required; two for the Principal (company submitting the bid), and one for the Surety (bonding company). If the Principal is a corporation, the signatures of two corporate officers are required for Labor & Material and Performance Bonds. Labor & Material and Performance Bonds are only required of companies that are being considered for an award (they are not required when Invitation to Bid is submitted)
    • NOTE: Bid Bonds require only two acknowledgments; one for the Principal (company submitting the bid), and one for the Surety (bonding company).
  • Bonds must be submitted on City of Long Beach forms.
  • The title of the individual signing the Invitation to Bid needs to match the title shown on the Notarial Acknowledgment; (i.e., the signature on the Invitation to Bid appears to be the President. The same signature should appear on the Notarial Acknowledgment.
  • When references are required, they should be submitted with the completed bid.
  • Bids must be submitted on the date and time stipulated on the bid and to the proper location (City Clerk's Office - Plaza Level of City Hall).
  • Contractor should allow for firm pricing when submitting Invitation to Bid as required.