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Seasonal/Temporary Sales

If you plan on selling items seasonally or for a temporary amount of time, you will need a Seasonal/Temporary Sales Permit. 

Seasonal sales (the sale of items symbolic of religious, national or traditional holidays, including the seasonal sale of fruit) shall not last longer than sixty (60) consecutive calendar days at one (1) site.

You will also need the property owner's permission to perform seasonal/temporary sales from their property. 

The tax for the permit is charged on a per booth, per day basis, which can be found on the Seasonal/Temporary Sales Application. 

How to Apply

You must submit the Seasonal/Temporary Sales Application along with payment in person to:

Business License
411. W Ocean Blvd.
2nd Floor
Long Beach, CA 90802

The application may be reviewed by Planning & Zoning, Building, Fire, and Health before the license will be issued.