Medical Cannabis Dispensary (Retailer)

A medical cannabis dispensary sells medical cannabis goods to qualified patients and caregivers at its storefront location. A dispensary must have a licensed physical location open to the public. A licensed dispensary may also deliver cannabis goods to patients in Long Beach. 

Currently, the City of Long Beach is not accepting applications for medical cannabis dispensaries or delivery services. All 32 Dispensary Licenses have been issued. 

The application period for dispensaries is closed. The application period may be re-opened if (1) a dispensary license is surrendered or revoked or (2) the City determines based on the population of Long Beach that more dispensaries are required pursuant to Long Beach Municipal Code Section 5.90.080.

Dispensary Applicants & Licensees

Pursuant to Long Beach Municipal Code (LBMC) Chapter 5.90 (“Medical Marijuana Businesses”), there are a maximum of thirty two (32) available dispensary licenses that will be issued to conduct medical cannabis dispensary activities in the City of Long Beach.

Applicants for all thirty two (32) available dispensary licenses have been identified and awarded the ability to move forward in the application process. 

 Medical Cannabis Dispensary Applicants & Licensees

Applicants that were authorized to move forward in the application process are not guaranteed a license. All other requirements established in the Long Beach Municipal Code and other applicable laws must be met in order to obtain a dispensary license. 

PUBLIC LOTTERY RESULTS                                       

On Thursday, September 28, 2017, the City of Long Beach held a public lottery to determine which Non-Priority Medical Cannabis Dispensary Business License Applications were eligible to continue in the application process. Handouts provided at the public lottery can be found here. The remaining 10 dispensary applications were awarded to continue in the process, resulting in a total of 32 dispensary licenses to be issued in the city. 

A video of the lottery proceedings can be found here.


The 10 Non-Priority Dispensary applications that are awarded to move forward in the application process are as follows:

Business Name Dispensary Address
CDAC Cherry Inc.      1940 E Del Amo Blvd Long Beach 90807
DBO Investments I, LLC. 1365 W Pacific Coast Hwy Long Beach 90810
Elevated Experience Inc. 6150 Cherry Ave Long Beach 90805
George Pinto 1319 W 14th Street Long Beach 90813
Gold Flora Partners LLC.  5630 E Pacific Coast Hwy Long Beach 90814
Healing Design Collective 1621 E Spring Street Long Beach 90807
LBC Cannabis Club 3730 E Broadway Long Beach 90803
Long Beach Wellness Center 5900 E Spring Street Long Beach 90815
Ryan Burns Collective 2800 E 4th Street Long Beach 90814
Ryan Cameron Rayburn Collective 2115 E 10th Street Long Beach 90804

DISPENSARY OPERATING CONDITIONS                           

Dispensaries must abide by the conditions outlined in the document below in addition to all local, state, and/or federal laws.

Dispensary Testing, Packaging & Labeling Requirements