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Facility Permitting & Inspections

Once your application has been deemed complete by Business License, you are eligible to move forward to the Facility Permitting & Inspections phase of the application process. Business License will receive electronic proof from each of the inspecting departments as the inspections are completed and approved. All relevant inspecting agencies must submit proof of successful inspection completion to Business License before any license will be issued.

Step 1: Find out if building permits are required


Benefits of the Cannabis Facility Consultation:

- Meet with all departments at one time

- Departments give feedback on plans before formal submittal

- Learn about building & planning requirements

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After receiving approval from Business License that your application is complete, you must contact Development Services to find out what permits and/or inspections are required for your business. If building permits are required, you will need to submit plans. If no permits are required, you will only need inspections of your cannabis business. 

You may participate in the Cannabis Facility Consultation Program for a fee or you may follow the traditional building plan submittal process.

Development Services: Building & Safety Bureau
411 W. Ocean Blvd, 2nd Floor
Long Beach, CA 90802

Phone: (562) 570-6079
                             Email: Enrique.enciso@longbeach.gov

Cannabis Facility Consultation Program

The Cannabis Facility Consultation Program will provide you with technical assistance on your specific project prior to formal building plan submittal. During the consultation, you will meet with the following departments: 

  • Building & Safety
  • Planning
  • Environmental Health
  • Fire (may be scheduled separately at LBFD Headquarters)

The meeting may be attended by the applicant, the building owner, consultants, and/or architects/engineers simultaneously. During the meeting, key department staff will go over your business's preliminary plans and provide technical assistance to expedite the submission of formal building plans.

The goal of the program is to provide you with technical planning and building code consultation so that you can efficiently and effectively submit for the various City reviews and obtain a building permit. 

Cost of the Cannabis Facility Consultation: $534.00 per application

Applicable Building Code Information 


Step 2: Permits Issued & Construction

Once plans have been submitted and a building permit has been issued, you can begin constructing your facility. During constuction, your business will be inspected by the following departments: 

  Type of Business
Inspecting Department Dispensary Cultivation Manufacturing Distribution Testing Lab
Building X X X X X
Health (Construction Only) X X X  X  X
Fire X X X  X  X

Step 4: Certificate of Occupancy Issued

After construction is completed, you will be issued a Certificate of Occupancy for your type of business. The Certificate of Occupancy typically takes 1-2 weeks to be mailed after all final inspections have been approved. 

Step 5: Schedule Final Inspections

After receiving your Certificate of Occupancy, please contact Business License to receive information regarding your final inspections. Depending on your type of business, you may have to be inspected by:

  • Health (Food Facility Inspection)
  • Hazmat
  • Business License 

Financial Management: Business License Division 

Email: cannabislicense@longbeach.gov
Phone: (562) 570-6211

Business License Inspection

The following checklists have been provided to prepare you for your business license inspection. Make sure to have all requirements complete before the inspection in order to avoid a re-inspection which will delay the license being issued. 

Business License Inspection Checklists

Inspection Checklists
Medical Dispensary Adult-Use Dispensary
Medical Cultivation Adult-Use Cultivation
Medical Manufacturing Adult-Use Manafucturing
Medical Distribution Adult-Use Distribution
Medical Lab Testing Adult-Use Lab Testing

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