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Cannabis Business Location Requirements

Cannabis business license applications will be reviewed by the Planning Bureau after the applicant has submitted the application to Business License. 

During the review by the Planning Bureau, staff will verify the property is located within the acceptable area, staff will identify the previous use of the property and the proposed use, and any parking requirements for the property.

In order to prepare for the review of the application by the Planning Bureau, please bring a site plan and floor plan detailing the proposed use of each room/space on the property, the square footage of each room/space, and any parking spaces that will be provided by the business or located on the property.

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Buffer Requirements

The following buffer requirements apply to both medical and adult-use cannabis businesses. 

Sensitive Use Buffer Requirement 
Private or Public Schools 1,000 feet 
Beaches 1,000 feet 
Parks 600 feet 
Libraries 600 feet 
Day Care Centers 600 feet 
Dispensary  1,000 feet from another dispensary* 
*This requirement does not apply to non-dispensary business types. 

Zoning Requirements 


Medical cannabis businesses may not be located in areas zoned exclusively for residential use. Medical cannabis businesses may locate in areas of different zones in the city as long as the buffer requirements above are satisfied by the proposed location. 


Adult-Use cannabis businesses may not be allowed in certain areas of the city depending on the type of business. Adult-Use Cannabis Businesses may not locate within a building that contains a residence or within a residence in any zoning district in the City.

Please refer to the table below for the specific zoning requirements for adult-use cannabis businesses. 


The following are the parking standards for cannabis businesses:

Proposed Use

Required Number of Parking Spaces


4 per 1,000 square feet of Gross Floor Area

Cultivation/ Distribution/ Processing/ Manufacturing

2 per 1,000 square feet of Gross Floor Area

Storage or Warehouse

1 per 1,000 square feet of Gross Floor Area

Testing Laboratories

3 per 1,000 square feet of Gross Floor Area

Note: Parking spaces required for multiple uses on a lot shall be calculated separately for each use, and the parking required shall be the sum of all that is required for all such uses, unless otherwise permitted. Additional information on parking requirements can be found in Chapter 21.41 Off-Street Parking & Loading Requirements of the Long Beach Municipal Code.


Have questions? Contact the Planning Bureau at (562) 570-6194

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