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Project Labor Agreement

The Project Labor Agreement (PLA) is an agreement between the City of Long Beach and the Los Angeles/Orange County Building and Construction Trades Council, its affiliated local unions and the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters. The PLA is also a partnership with Long Beach City College, Pacific Gateway and the Trades for pre-apprentice training support for Long Beach residents.

A Citywide PLA was approved by the Long Beach City Council in 2021 (View the City Council letter). and is applicable to all covered projects with a contract value that exceed $750,000 for non-street/right of way or $1,000,000 for street/right of way projects. The intent of the PLA is to promote employment opportunities for the Long Beach community on local capital construction projects.

PLA requirements include:

  • 40% of total work hours to be performed by local residents. Local residents can include:       residents from City of Long Beach, Gateway Cities, and residents residing within the counties of Orange and Los Angeles.
  • 10% goal for disadvantaged/veteran workers.
  • Mandates a Jobs Coordinator.
  • No work stoppages or strikes.

Project Labor Agreement 

PLA Image

For more information regarding the Project Labor Agreement, you may contact: 

City of Long Beach * Business Relations Bureau
(562) 570-6200 

Annual PLA Report

The Annual PLA Report includes a description of the fundamental provisions of the PLA, the projects to which PLA has applied, the PLA administrative process, the associated costs to the City, and compliance with PLA requirements and goals.

PLA Monthly Reports