Everyone Home Long Beach is designed to build on the efforts of the Long Beach Health Department, the Continuum of Care, and the Homeless Services Advisory Committee. The initiative streamlined processes, created cohesiveness, and drew more attention to the many projects and programs already in place surrounding homelessness and housing. The initiative included participation from Chief Executive Officers and community leaders from the City's major institutions.

Everyone Home Long Beach looked into innovative new ideas and approaches to address homelessness in Long Beach, as well as the linked challenges of homelessness and housing affordability. Homelessness has reached unprecedented levels across the State, and it will take the combined efforts of all the key institutions, stakeholders, and Long Beach community to make the dream of a home a reality for all residents.

Long Beach has seen great success in addressing homelessness and leveraging funds to support people experiencing homelessness in our community. As one of only three cities in LA County to have its own Continuum of Care program, Long Beach has seen its point-in-time counts for the homeless population decline in each of the last four counts, declining by 41% from 2011-2017. The City’s network of partners which comprise the Continuum, led by the Health and Human Services Department, coordinate with each other and staff from other City departments. Other departments include: Police, Fire, Public Works, and Parks, Recreation, and Marine, as well as the Homeless Services Advisory Committee, the Continuum of Care Board and general membership—all of which deserve credit and praise for their tireless efforts to help move those experiencing homelessness into services and housing. Annually more than 1,000 people are served at the Multi-Service Center with more than 13,000 visits each year. Nearly 3,100 people, including 1,243 veterans, have been permanently housed since 2013.

The goal of the Everyone Home Long Beach initiative was to develop new solutions to support current efforts to transition people back into housing and services, identify new opportunities to support those who need housing, and develop solutions to prevent homelessness in the first place. Prevention is one of the least-funded efforts in the Continuum of Care and providing increased support for families and people in crisis can prevent vulnerable seniors, families, veterans, and youth from falling into homelessness.

Everyone Home Long Beach met through the summer of 2018 to learn more about how the Continuum of Care is currently operating in Long Beach, provide input and suggestions, and build on the already developed comprehensive multi-faceted plan to support individuals and families in our community. Their work was turned into a formal report by City staff and presented to the Mayor and City Council in fall of 2018.

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