Smart Gas Metering Program

The City of Long Beach (CLB) Gas Utility is implementing a state of the art metering solution to benefit its’ customers and improve utility operations.

These new smart gas meters communicate consumption data directly to CLB, making the utility’s processes more accurate and efficient. This also eliminates the need for utility representatives to visit homes and businesses to gather information about gas usage for billing purposes.



  • Empowering Customers

    By monitoring and modifying your usage, you can become a more efficient natural gas consumer and also save money in the process. Our utility staff can also identify and inform customers of high usage behavior with tips on how to conserve.

  • Improving Customer Satisfaction

    CLB will have the tools to improve customer service response time and facilitate proactive communications for our natural gas customers.

  • Enhancing Customer Privacy and Safety

    CLB gas utility representatives will no longer need access to customers’ property for monthly billing data. Additionally, CLB will utilize analytical tools to further improve safety and identify issues such as leaks and tampering.

  • Reducing Carbon Footprint and Vehicular Traffic

    By eliminating 160,000 vehicle trips annually, CLB will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and congestion on our roadways.

  • Increasing Operational Efficiencies

    CLB will have new resources to streamline our utility’s processes and reduce labor for meter readings and systems administration.

  • Meter Reading and Billing Accuracy

    The new meters provide more timely and granular gas consumption data, thus reducing the need for estimated bills or additional trips to read your meter.

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