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Emergency Gas Shut Off


Knowing the location of your main gas service shutoff valve and how to turn it off will help you stay safe in case of an emergency.

  • Know where your gas meter is before an emergency occurs.
  • Have a wrench stored in a specific location where it will be available.
  • If you smell or hear gas escaping after an earthquake or any emergency, turn off your gas at the meter as shown.
  • Use a crescent wrench and give it a quarter turn in either direction so that it runs crosswise on the pipe. The line is now closed.

Contact the Long Beach Energy Resources Department at (562) 570-5700 to have your gas service restored.

Meter On Meter Off

Meter On

Meter Off

When To Turn Off Your Gas

Do not turn off your meter unless you smell natural gas or suspect a gas leak. More importantly, only attempt to shut off your gas when it is SAFE to do so. To learn more about gas leaks, visit our page on Natural Gas Leaks.

Appliances Gas Shutoff Valve

Most natural gas appliances have gas shutoff valves and are meant to shut off the gas to that appliance only. In some cases, turning off the gas supply to individual appliances is helpful if the leak is directly coming from a product in your home, or it is being replaced or serviced. You should have a gas shutoff valve installed for each appliance. To cut off the appliance's gas supply, turn the valve a quarter turn. To lean more about taking care of your natural gas appliances, visit our page Appliance Safety and Maintenance.