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Utilities Will Continue Without Service Interruption While Waiting for Election Results

Release Date: 2022-11-18

While the ballot measure to consolidate the existing Long Beach natural gas, sewer, and water utilities into a single department is likely to pass by voters, Long Beach utility customers are to be ensured that all utilities and billing of natural gas, sewer, and water will continue as normal without interruption. Utility customers can expect to see no changes to their clean-burning, economical natural gas quality, clean water or excellent customer service, regardless of the voting outcome.

The Department of Energy Resources looks forward to working alongside the Long Beach Water Department to concentrate on creating a stronger, smarter organization so that our departments can best serve our customers and facilitate a smooth transition to becoming a unified public utility department.

Periodic updates and utility information can be found online at:

Natural Gas/Energy Resources
General: 562.570.2140
Emergency: 562.570.2140

Water & Sewer
General: 562.570.2300
Emergency: 562.570.2390