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Natural Gas Service Guidelines

The Engineering and Construction Bureaus build and maintain the underground pipeline system that delivers natural gas to Long Beach and Signal Hill residents and businesses. We design and install natural gas pipelines; monitor gas pressure, flow, and quality, and provide timely responses to gas pipeline emergencies. The Development Engineers and Gas Construction Inspectors work with the developers, contractors, and homeowners to assist in the process of providing gas service.

The forms, standards, and guidelines below are provided as a starting point for the developer, contractor, or homeowner in completing their project efficiently.

LBER Natural Gas Development Guidelines (Long Beach and Signal Hill)

Energy Resources Standard Plans

The documents available on this page have been prepared for the guidance of residential and commercial customers, engineers, contractors, and developers who have an interest in utilizing natural gas service and will prepare plans for construction of facilities and improvements under the jurisdiction of the City of Long Beach or City of Signal Hill.

The standard plans listed below can be provided upon request and are to be used as guidance in conjunction with the requirements by the Code of Federal Regulations(49 CFR Part 192), Long Beach Municipal Code, California Plumbing Code, ANSI Z21.80, ASME Standards, Underground Service Alert of Southern California bylaws, and the latest adopted edition of Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction by City of Long Beach or City of Signal Hill Public Works Departments for natural gas distribution facilities and associated work. Conformance with these standards and regulatory requirements will reduce design costs and the processing time needed to review and approve plans. These standards may be modified from time to time, as required.

NOTE: Some codes, regulations, and standards are mentioned by reference only. For more information on the referenced standards, please visit the following sites:

49 CFR Part 192
ANSI Z21.80
ASME B31.8
USASC Dig Alert Bylaws

CA Plumbing Code
LB Muni Code
Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (SSPWC) and Standard Plans for Public Works for Public Works Construction (SPPWC)
City of Long Beach General Roadwork - SPPWC
Public Works Standard Plans
Signal Hill Standard Plans

  • 100 Meter Set Assembly Standards

    A-985L Multiple Meter Gas Stub Outs (Left Hand)
    A-985R Multiple Meter Gas Stub Outs (Right Hand)
    A-1001L Standard Meter Set Assembly – R275
    A-1001R Non-Standard Meter Set Assembly – R275
    A-1002 Standard Meter Set Assembly - 415
    A-1004L Non-Standard Meter Set Assembly – 8C and 15C
    A-1004R Standard Meter Set Assembly – 8C and 15C
    A-1008 Standard MSA – 3M
    A-1009 Standard MSA – 5M and 7M
    A-1011 Standard MSA – 11M and 16M
    A-1016 Standard Meter Set Assembly – 630
    A-1024L Elevated Pressure Left Hand Meter Set
    A-1024R Elevated Pressure Right Hand Meter Set
    A-1025 Standard Meter Set Assembly – 505 and 508
    Meter Capacity Reference Chart

  • 200 Meter Room Standards

    A-983 Meter Room Requirements

  • 300 Other Standards and Policies

    A-1013 Pool & External Appliances
    A-1023 Standard Meter Guard Bollard Installation
    A-1069 Seismic or Earthquake Valve