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Estimating Your Residential Winter Monthly Gas Bill

Natural gas prices naturally increase during this winter season. The increased winter prices are due to several factors including high natural gas consumption due to lower temperatures, and increased natural gas needs to generate energy.

In order to assist our customers, the City of Long Beach Utilities Department provides specific tools to lessen bill spikes while also offering conservation tips, rebates, and bill assistance for those struggling to pay high utility bills. We recognize the high prices are a strain on our customers and although temporary, we are here to help. Follow the below steps to estimate your monthly bill during the winter season.

Please note that the following information is intended for Schedule 1 residential customers.
To view other rate schedules, visit our Gas Rate Schedules page for more information.

How To Estimate Your Next Bill:

Residential Winter Bill Estimator for 2023-24


Use the above chart to determine your next monthly bill. Look at your most current gas bill for your historical gas usage, which references the amount of Therms used (also known as your "Cost of Gas" in your Gas item on your bill). In this example, we'll use the Dec. 2022 historical usage to estimate the Dec. 2023 bill. This would be a usage of approximately 40 therms of gas, as shown by the red arrow pointing to Dec. 2022 in the chart.

Bill Usage Example


Click the following link to find the current month's core commodity charge. We will use the Dec. 2023 Core Commodity Charge for this example: http://longbeach.gov/energyresources/information/cost-of-gas/#core

Core Commodity Charge December 2021

Use the chart below to follow your usage in therms at the price of the month you are estimating. In this example, round up the Dec. 2022 historical usage to 40 therms. Then, round up the Dec. 2023 Core Commodity Charge of $0.712/therm to $0.800/therm.

Winter Bill Chart 40 therms


If you use about the same amount of gas in Dec. 2023 as you did in Dec. 2022, your Dec. 2023 gas bill would be approximately $89.30.

Tools and Programs to Manage Your Upcoming Bills:

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