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Utilities Scam Alert

Scam Alert Verify Workers

Long Beach Utilities often gets reports of fraudsters trying to scam customers via phone, text message, and in person.

The scams can vary in content, but almost all involve asking for access to your home or direct payment within a limited amount of time and threatening to turn off your gas or water service if you don’t pay.

At no time ever, will a Long Beach Utility employee visit your home to ask for money to pay an overdue bill. Always ask for their city-issued ID cards which they carry with them at all times while on duty. A Long Beach Utilities employee will never ask you to provide payment in person at your home.

Please know there will be times when official Long Beach Utilities employees will ask for permission to enter your home or look around flower beds, gas meters, or water meters, which are typically located immediately next to your home.

There are several important safety reasons why we might be at your location. It could be to check for:
1. Gas or water high or low usage, which could indicate a problem related to one of the health and safety issues below
2. Lead in water pipelines, which is a state health and safety requirement
3. Corrosion on natural gas equipment, which is a federal safety requirement
4. Natural gas leaks, which are a major safety concern
5. Sewer cross-bores, which is a federal safety requirement

For additional employee verification, please contact Long Beach Utilities at (562) 570-5700.