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Economic Development Blueprint

City Council approved an updated Blueprint 2.0 in November, 2022 to advance the vision of Long Beach as a “city of opportunity for workers, investors, and entrepreneurs.” The Blueprint 2.0 was created with extensive community input through 25 roundtables and 20 study sessions lead by the Economic Development Commission between January and August 2022. The approved content is in production to create the final document and expected to be completed in July 2023.

In 2015, the Mayor and City Council requested the City’s Economic
Development Commission (Commission), with the assistance of staff,  to prepare an Economic Development Blueprint (Blueprint) to define priorities that will lead to creation of businesses, well-paying jobs, and increase the standards of living for our diverse residents.

The Blueprint, which is available in SpanishKhmer, and Mandarin Chinese, was adopted in 2017 and advances a 10-year vision of Long Beach as “the city of opportunity for workers, investors, and entrepreneurs.”

  • For the City of Long Beach and civic partners, this Blueprint serves as a catalyst to work together to proactively recognize and determinedly seek solutions to civic and socio-economic challenges and opportunities.
  • For workers, Long Beach will be a place where we come together to create more fulfilling higher-wage job opportunities, beyond meeting basic needs.
  • For investors, Long Beach will foster a “can do” climate where they aggressively compete for the distinction to advance economic opportunities for business and community.
  • For entrepreneurs, Long Beach will create an innovative ecosystem that lays a foundation for success from business start up to growth.
  • For all residents, Long Beach will be a place where all can create, thrive, and positively impact where they live.

The Blueprint has the following seven focus areas:

  1. Engines of Growth
  2. Economic Inclusion
  3. Jobs and Workforce Development
  4. Business Assistance
  5. Development Environment
  6. Quality of Life
  7. Economic Leadership and Cooperation

For more information on the Blueprint, please contact BizCare at 562-570-4BIZ (4249) or 4Biz@longbeach.gov.