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Damaged Property Resources

Reporting Lost Property, Theft/Attempted Theft or Vandalism

The Long Beach Police Department’s (LBPD) Online Police Reporting System allows you to submit a police report online in the following categories lost propertytheft or attempted theftvandalismhit and run – parked vehicle and annoying or harassing phone calls.

  • If you have no suspect information or physical evidence, you may file a report online at www.longbeach.gov/police or call 562-570-7260.
  • Send the report number with your address, name, email, contact information to: businessdevelopment@longbeach.gov.
  • If you have video footage, pictures or license plate numbers or other evidence you need to document, save, and record, call 562-435-6711 so that a patrol officer can be dispatched to take a report and collect the evidence.

Recommended Insurance Documentation Process

If your business and/or property experienced lost property, theft/attempted theft or vandalism, it is recommended that you follow the insurance documentation process below.

  • Take photos of everything before doing any clean-up. In addition to the physical damage, this includes taking photos of shelves that have been knocked over, inventory on the floor, etc.
  • To the best of your ability, take an inventory and make a comprehensive list of what was destroyed and/or what is missing.
  • Call your insurance carrier (e.g. agent or broker) and explain the situation and follow their guidance as to next steps.
  • Find out from your insurance policy (as explained by your agent or broker) what (if anything) is covered by Business Interruption Coverage and/or any other itemized disaster coverage listed in your insurance policy.

State Insurance Coverage During the Civil Unrest

To help California business owners understand some of the key insurance issues relating to civil unrest, the California Department of Insurance prepared a factsheet with a general overview of relevant insurance coverages and some important tips to consider. Policyholders are strongly encouraged to read the terms of the policy purchased, as terms and definitions can vary from one policy to another.