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Long Beach Public Library Amnesty Program

Release Date: 2016-04-01

The Long Beach Public Library will offer an Overdue Fines Amnesty Program during the month of April, to coincide with National Library Month. Fines will be forgiven for all overdue materials to the Long Beach Public Library.

Recovering overdue materials increases the availability of materials for circulation, and reduces material replacement costs. There are approximately 15,800 library items that are overdue that adds up to $267,932 in City property. Approximately 65 percent of these items are teen and juvenile materials. The decrease in revenue due to the amnesty program is expected to be fully offset by the recapture of a substantial amount of City property.

National Library Month is a great time to see what's new at your local library. For more information about National Library Month and the Overdue Amnesty Program, visit www.lbpl.org or call 562.570.7500.