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Lower LA River Working Group Enters Community Engagement Phase

Release Date: 2017-05-12

In 2015, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 530 by Assemblymember Anthony Rendon, authorizing the creation of a local "Working Group" to develop a Lower LA River Revitalization Plan (LLARRP). 

This plan will be part of an update to LA County's Master Plan by addressing the unique and diverse needs of the Lower LA River.  It will also start a conversation about how the entire 51-mile river can be managed collaboratively.

The Working Group's goal is to create a robust restoration plan that lays the groundwork for a revitalized Lower LA River that connects residents to the river that flows through their communities.

Almost half of the 19 miles of the Lower Los Angeles River runs through Long Beach.  The City of Long Beach is represented on the Working Group by Mayor Garcia and Councilmember Austin.  There are 39 members of the working group, including the 12 cities along the stretch of the River from Long Beach north to Vernon.

As the working group completes its first year on the revitalization plan, it is now entering the community engagement phase, which will include additional community outreach events.

The working group is currently conducting an on-line community survey for residents to share how you use the LA River today and changes  you would like to see for the LA River in the future.  The exercise takes about 5-15 minutes and includes an interactive mapping tool.  You can stop and return to provide more feedback at any time. 


To take the online community survey and to learn more, visit lowerlariver.org.