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Long Beach Heavy Storm Stock Image

Weather Storm System Update

Release Date: 2016-01-03

Weather Storm System Update from Gonzalo Medina, Long Beach Fire Department Marine Safety Chief:

A series of storms will bring periods of rain to Long Beach starting early Monday morning and continuing off and on through Friday. We can expect light rain through Tuesday, at which time a strong slow moving front is expected to bring the heaviest rainfall of the week at 1.23 inches. The Wednesday 24 hour period will bring another strong faster moving front that will produce heavy rain with a total of up to 0.5 inches.

Swiftwater Teams are expected to begin preliminary patrols of the LA & San Gabriel rivers beginning Monday 1/4, and making advisories to the homeless community along the river banks about potentially dangerous and rapidly rising waters. Swiftwater Teams will be up and running through Wednesday and potentially longer.

Our usual sand & sand bag locations are listed below:

  • Sand is available at 1651 San Francisco
  • Sand and Sand bags are also available at the following Fire Stations:
    • Fire Station 7, 2295 Elm Street
    • Fire Station 12, 1199 E. Artesia Avenue
    • Fire Station 13, 2475 Adriatic Avenue
    • Fire Station 14, 5200 Eliot Avenue
  • Sand Bags are available at the Lifeguard Headquarters, Junipero Street Parking Lot at the 72nd Place Life Guard Station