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Farm Lot 59 Looking for Community's Input

Release Date: 2016-01-06

Seventh District's own Farm Lot 59 is looking for your input in developing their goals for 2016! Please take a minute to participate in their online poll. Thank you!

About Farm Lot 59

Started in 2010 with the help of local residents and the City of Long Beach, Farm Lot 59, a nonprofit, biodynamic farm located at 2714 California Avenue, was born. They believe in the direct connection between farmer and consumer and the transparency needed to really understand our local food system. Farm Lot 59 understands that their small farm will not be able to feed the 500,000 residents of this diverse city so they focus on teaching the next level of citizen farmers.

Farm Lot 59 creates an urban/rural connection within the local community and serves as an educational resource for sustainability. Everyone can visit them and learn about urban farming and the earth’s ecosystems. They have pastured hens for egg production, bees for pollination and honey, they grow vegetables, fruit and flowers without any pesticides, herbicides or chemicals. Farm Lot 59 practices organic and biodynamic principles.

farm Lot 59 is an urban farm that creates local green jobs and grows healthy fresh food on a historically significant site. They make a difference in our local and global community by combining resources with the city, local partners, and friends. Learn more about Farm Lot 59's vision of eating well and living healthy lives.