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Week in Review: 4/20 - 4/25

Release Date: 2015-04-25


 Monday, April 20th

The Smart meters have finally arrived. There will be more than 1,600 smart meters that accept credit/debit cards in addition to coins. The smart meters will improve Long Beach's on-street parking to meet consumer needs and desire for payment convenience. Plus they give you five minutes free. Check out the video here- https://vimeo.com/65824595

Tuesday, April 21st

This week the City acknowledged and recognized two important anniversaries that affected many here in Long Beach. The Council voted unanimously to write a resolution to recognize the Cambodian and Armenian Genocides.

Wednesday, April 22nd

Happy Earth Day

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to students at Renaissance High school about recycling on Earth Day. Our Office of Sustainability provided 40 or so recycling bins to the LBUSD, for placement at LBUSD middle and high schools, and Green Ribbon Elementary Schools.

Local artists painted them with environmental, playful and whimsical styling. Using bright, vibrant designs will help to generate excitement for students and educators to recycle. The bins were donated to us by Global Inheritance.

Saturday, April 25th

Don't forget! The Green Prize Festival is this weekend and it is free to the public. Everyone is invited to learn more about the exciting new things happening in Green technology as well as enjoy activities and a free concert.

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