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Park Equity

Park Equity

Release Date: 2017-08-16

From the moment I took office three years ago I have been fighting to ensure that the First District receives its fair share. We have made significant gains when it comes to transportation dollars, mitigation dollars from the Port of Long Beach, new housing projects, and new business development. Now, I am working to ensure that every park in Long Beach is programmed in a fair and equitable way.

For decades, our park programs have been based on traditional locations and have never truly been taken under the microscope to strategically examine how our current structure works to truly serve all of the residents of Long Beach. For Example, in the Spring Months (March-May), the 1st District represented 1.1% of all structured, weekly park programming hours citywide.

I am so thankful that my council colleagues believe as strongly as I do in this effort and unanimously passed my #ParkEquity agenda item. As written, the item asks our City Manager to create a comprehensive plan that looks at city-wide park programming. This plan will include how to prioritize programming in each area, how to reduce or eliminate park fees for community organizations who program underutilized parks. Parks and their programming provide residents with activation that is proven to reduce negative health impacts and crime, but also play an essential role in a community’s ability to create jobs and stimulate growth.
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