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Long Beach A Community Of Service

Long Beach: A Community of Service

Release Date: 0001-01-01

Dear Friends, 

We had an exciting Council meeting last night, with a Campfire troop leading the pledge and a celebration of the 5th Anniversary of the My Brother’s Keeper program.
Next year also marks the 100-year anniversary of women’s suffrage and the 19th Amendment, giving women the constitutional right to vote in August 1920. I’m proud of our Council and strong community advocates for starting this conversation early and encouraging our entire city to work now to fund and support 100 events throughout the centennial celebration. We have such a vibrant history of women leaders in this city, and I look forward to participating in such a momentous occasion. It is so important that our entire community—especially girls and women—know this amazing history and continue to advocate for women’s rights.
We also had a unique opportunity last night to move forward with a new property in the First District. The facility will help eliminate barriers for people experiencing homelessness to participate in City services and programs. Located near the Multi-Service Center on the Westside, this facility will provide up to 100 storage bins for individuals to store their belongings while receiving services through the City. This is a critical step to encourage people to enter our Continuum of Care and get on a path to permanent housing and employment, and it will likely serve as a model for cities nationwide. Long Beach aims to serve all our community members, and especially those in need.

My staff and I work hard daily to ensure that the First District is a safe and fun place for everyone to work and play. If you need assistance, please call my office at 562-570-6919. 

All my best,

Councilwoman, First District
City of Long Beach