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And Justice For All

"...And, Justice for All!"

Release Date: 2019-01-09

Last night, the Long Beach City Council took its final step to approve our Long Beach Values Act Justice Fund which will ensure that undocumented residents of Long Beach have access to legal support to ensure they are not unjustly ripped away from their families. I was proud to author the Long Beach Values Act in 2017 and work with our Mayor this past budget cycle to provide $250,000 to kick-start this crucial fund. And, with the approval of the contract with VERA Institute for Justice, we will be eligible for $100,000 private match to help even more people.

As the newest member of the VERA Institute’s S.A.F.E (Safety and Fairness for Everyone) Cities Network we will be able to access nationwide experts and data to guide local leaders on how best to serve our most vulnerable residents.  

This is a huge win for the undocumented community as well as the greater Long Beach community and I am grateful for the ongoing support from my council colleagues who supported this item, to Deputy City Manager Kevin Jackson and Equity Officer Katie Balderas for all the staff time that went into researching and negotiating this agreement. And, we would not have been successful without our strong network of community organizations who fought for this fund including Sanctuary Long Beach Coalition, Long Beach Forward, Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition, Interfaith Community Organization, Khmer Girls in Action and so many others.

Computer Science Education Week Recognized at City Council!

Additionally, at yesterday’s City Council meeting I was proud to lead a presentation for Computer Science Education Week (CSEd Week), which is recognized in the first week of December each year. We were joined by Dr. Alvaro Monge, professor of Computer Science at CSULB, as well as Nanae Aubry and Caitlin Rubia, graduating senior Computer Science students who spoke about the importance of computer science education, work that is being done by their Department to recruit and retain Computer Science faculty and students from underrepresented groups and more.

Here are some facts about CSEd Week:

  • Computer Science Education Week is celebrated in honor of Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, a computer scientist by trade who worked in the US Navy as a software developer for the first computers.
  • Only 22% of AP Computer Science students are women and only 17% are African American of Latino.
  • Nearly 60% of STEM jobs are in computing, however, only 8% of STEM graduates earn degrees in Computer Science.
  • Computing jobs are the #1 source of new wages in the United States with more than 500,000 current job openings (more than 75,000 of these jobs are in California).

To find out more about CSEd Week visit https://csedweek.org/