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Accepting Online Applicatons for Public Safety Dispatcher 

Public Safety Dispatcher
Public Safety Dispatcher - NTN Examination
**The Public Safety Dispatcher performance examination consists of the National Testing Network (NTN) Emergency Communications Test titled ECOMM. Applicants must schedule a testing date through nationaltestingnetwork.com. In order to complete the application process, candidates must take the NTN exam and complete the online application.

Public Safety Dispatcher - Post Waiver
**PUBLIC SAFETY DISPATCHER – POST WAIVER APPLICANTS: The National Testing Network (NTN) performance examination will be waived for candidates who have taken the POST Entry-Level Dispatcher Selection Test Battery (POST Dispatcher Test) examination with an approved agency and achieved a T-score of 50.8 or above within one year of the time of filing (proof required)*.  Applicants submitting the POST Dispatcher Test examination score must complete the application for Public Safety Dispatcher-POST WAIVER.

Public Safety Dispatcher - Lateral

Public Safety Dispatcher 2018
Information Packet 

Filing will remain open until vacancies are filled. Filing may close without further notice.  

For questions email us at civilservice@longbeach.gov