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Tidelands Capital Improvement Division


The Tidelands Capital Improvement Division oversees all new public development and infrastructure improvements in the Tidelands and Contiguous Areas.

View the Tidelands and Contiguous Areas in their entirety.

Major Projects:

Bay Ecosystem Restoration Study

Go to the East San Pedro Bay Ecosystem Restoration Study page.

Beach Concession Improvements

Go to Beach Concession Improvements page.

Belmont Aquatics Center

Go to the Belmont Aquatics Center page.

Colorado Lagoon Restoration

Go to the Colorado Lagoon Restoration page.

Lifeguard Headquarters & Junior Lifeguard Facility

Go to the Lifeguard Headquarters & Junior Lifeguard Facility rehabilitation page.

Naples Seawall

Go to the Naples Seawall Phase 1 and Phase 2 pages.

Sorrento Trail Project

Go to the Sorrento Trail Project page.

Additional Information from the California State Lands Commission:

State Lands Commission Homepage  

Chapter 138

The Public Trust Doctrine

Contact Tidelands Staff:

Charlene Angsuco, Tidelands Program Manager


Tidelands  Division Staff

(562) 570-5153