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California State Senate

The California State Senate is a legislative chamber in California’s bicameral Legislature, and together with the California State Assembly makes up the California State Legislature. The State Senate writes, introduces, debates and votes on bills that – if approved by the entire State Legislature, become California Law. The “Upper House” of the California State Legislature is comprised of 40 members, elected by a geographic district for a four-year term, who can serve no more than two terms. Each State Senator represents approximately 931,340 Californians. The following Senators represent the City of Long Beach.

Senator Lena Gonzalez, 33rd District

Senator Gonzalez was elected to the California State Senate in June 2019 to represent the 33rd Senate District. Prior to being elected to the Senate, Gonzalez served on the Long Beach City Council from 2014-2019. On the Council, Gonzalez tackled issues such as banding the use of expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam) in local restaurants, creating over 200 new parking spaces, protecting local business through increased access to contractors and bids, and ensuring the City of Long Beach took steps to connect and address homelessness.

Lena Gonzalez

State Capitol Office:

State Capitol, Room 2068
Sacramento, CA 95814
Tel: (916) 651-4033

Field Office:

3939 Atlantic Ave., Ste 107
Long Beach, CA 90807
Phone: (562) 256-7921


Senator Umberg was elected to the California State Senate in November 2018 to represent the residents of the 34th Senate District. His political background includes representing the 69th District in the State Assembly, serving as Deputy Drug Czar under President Bill Clinton’s administration, and is a retired U.S. Army Colonel. Senator Umberg is a proponent of protecting the Affordable Care Act, reforming gun policy, strengthening public education and fighting for environmental justice.

Senator Tom Umberg

Capitol Office:

State Capitol, Room 3070
Sacramento, CA 95814
Tel: (916) 651-4034
Fax: (916) 651-4934

Field Office:

1000 E. Santa Ana Blvd., Ste 220B
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Phone: (714) 558-3785

Senator Steven Bradford, 35th District

Senator Bradford was elected to the California State Senate in November 2016 to represent the 35th State Senate District that includes North Long Beach, among other communities. Previously, he served as Mayor of Gardena and a member of the California State Assembly. In the Assembly, he served as Chair of the Select Committee on the Status of Boys and Men of Color. While there, he worked hard to correct the many institutional injustices that plague young Black, Latino, and Asian / Pacific Islander males in California.

Senator Steven Bradford

State Capitol Office:

State Capitol, Room 4085
Sacramento, CA 95814
Tel: (916) 651-4035
Fax: (916) 651-4935

Field Office:

302 W. 5th St., Ste 203
San Pedro, CA 90731
Tel: (310) 514-8573
Fax: (310) 514-8578