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California State Assembly

The California State Assembly is a legislative chamber in California’s bicameral Legislature, and together with the California State Senate makes up the California State Legislature. In committee hearings, the State Assembly introduces, analyzes and debates the bills that may become State Law during each two-year session. The State Assembly is comprised of 80 members, elected by a geographic district for a two-year term, who can serve no more than three terms. Each State Assembly Member represents approximately 475,000 Californians. The following Assembly Members represent the City of Long Beach.

Speaker of the Assembly Anthony Rendon, 63rd District

Speaker Rendon represents the 63rd Assembly District in the California State Assembly, which includes the northern portion of Long Beach, among other communities. During his first term in office, he chaired the Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee and authored Proposition 1, the $7.5 billion state water bond, which voters passed by a 67% to 33% margin in the November 2014 election. Speaker Rendon currently chairs the Utilities and Commerce Committee.

Speaker Rendon

State Capitol Office:

State Capitol, Room 219
Sacramento, CA 95814
Tel: (916) 319-2063
Fax: (916) 319-2163

Field Office:

12132 South Garfield Avenue
South Gate, CA 90280
Tel: (562) 529-3250
Fax: (562) 529-3255

Assembly Member Patrick O'Donnell, 70th District

Assembly Member O’Donnell was elected to the California State Assembly to represent District 70, which includes Long Beach, among other communities, in November 2014. He is a teacher with over 20 years’ experience in the classroom. As a leader dedicated to quality education, Assembly Member O’Donnell helped create a program at his high school to provide students with more instructional time and lobbied in Sacramento for more school funding. He is currently the chair of the Assembly Education Committee.

Assembly Member O'Donnell

State Capitol Office:

State Capitol, Room 2196
Sacramento, CA 95814
Tel: (916) 319-2070
Fax: (916) 319-2170

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0070

Field Office:

5000 E. Spring Street, Suite 550
Long Beach, CA 90815
Tel: (562) 429-0470
Fax: (562) 429-7871

Assembly Member Mike A. Gipson, 64th District

Assembly Member Gipson, first elected to the California State Assembly in November 2014, represents the 64th Assembly District that includes Long Beach, among other communities. In various capacities, he has been serving the people of the 64th District his entire life. As a peace officer, legislative staff, elected official, and labor organizer, Assembly Member Gipson’s dedication to the residents of the South Bay is a testament to his heart and enthusiasm for helping others. He currently is a member of various Assembly Standing Committees.

Assembly Member Gibson

State Capitol Office:

State Capitol, Room 3173
Sacramento, CA 95814
Tel: (916) 319-2064
Fax: (916) 319-2164

Field Office:

2200 W. Artesia Blvd., Suite 210
Compton, CA 90220
Tel: (310) 223-1201
Fax: (310) 223-1202