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Government Affairs Office

Operating under the oversight of the City Manager, the function of the Government Affairs Office is to serve the City of Long Beach in monitoring and analyzing legislative and policy proposals. This Office tracks federal and State legislation and advocates on behalf of legislation sponsored or supported by the City, and against legislation that would work against the goals and mission of the City as outlined in the City’s Federal and State Legislative Agendas. This Office coordinates the City’s response to a wide range of public issues, and advises elected officials and senior management. The issues of primary focus for the Office include economic development, public safety, housing and transportation, supporting education, sustainable and livable communities and other policies at the forefront of government. The City of Long Beach’s Federal and State Legislative Agendas provide additional descriptions of all the priorities the Government Affairs Office is directed to devote staff and resources. 

The Government Affairs Office is also responsible for advancing and maintaining positive and effective relations with entities for Long Beach. This Office cultivates relationships with federal, State, and local elected and appointed officials, as well as governmental agencies in an effort to advance the City's legislative agenda. To contact your elected official or to view your elected official’s office information, please visit the U.S. Senators, Congress Members, State Senators, or Assembly Members pages on our website.