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On November 6, 2018, Long Beach voters approved Measure CCC - City of Long Beach Ethics Commission. Measure CCC amended the City Charter to create a Commission of Long Beach residents to monitor, administer, and implement government ethics in the City.

The duties and responsibilities for the Ethics Commission will be to:

  • Provide support to agencies and public officials in administering the provisions of the Charter and other laws relating to campaign finance, conflicts of interest, and government ethics;
  • Make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council concerning campaign finance reform, lobbying, governmental ethics and conflicts of interest and to report the Council concerning the effectiveness of these laws;
  • Assist departments in developing their conflict of interest codes as required by state law;
  • Advocate understanding of the Charter, City ordinances and the roles of elected and other public officials, City institutions and the City electoral process;
  • Develop an educational program to familiarize newly elected and appointed officers and employees, candidates for elective office and their campaign treasurers, and lobbyists with City, state and federal ethics laws and the importance of ethics to the public’s confidence in municipal government.

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