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Ethics Commission

The Ethics Commission is responsible for the impartial and effective administration and implementation of the provisions of the Charter, statues and ordinances concerning campaign financing, lobbying, conflicts of interest, and governmental ethics. The Commission serves as an advisory body and does not have the ability to conduct investigations.

Mission Statement

The Ethics Commission strives to advance public trust and confidence in the City’s government through education and the development of policies and processes that promote each of the City’s values of Accountability, Fairness, Impartiality, Diversity, Transparency, and Integrity.



Per Article 11.2 of the Ethics Commission's bylaws, Commissioners and Commission staff are required to disclose and report in writing, any substantive information relevant to a matter within decision making authority of the Commission. Please know that your communication (written or oral) with any Commissioner or Commission staff outside of a public meeting may result in a public disclosure.

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