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New Cannabis Policy Initiatives

Office of Cannabis Oversight EquityThere are many new and exciting cannabis initiatives happening in Long Beach! 
For each new initiative, you can find out about: 
  • Project Status Updates
  • Project Timelines
  • Project Feedback & Engagement
  • And more!

Many of these initiative are focused on increasing equity in the cannabis industry in Long Beach.

Shared-Use Manufacturing

Delivery Businesses

Additional Equity Dispensaries

Licensed manufacturing businesses that partner with other cannabis businesses to produce products from a single facility

Retail businesses that sell cannabis gods to customers exclusively through delivery

Additional dispensaries in the city owned exclusively by equity businesses 

Cannabis Equity

  • What is cannabis equity?

    Social equity is any social policy concerned with justice and fairness. Equity is when everyone can reach their highest level of health and potential for a successful life, regardless of their background and identity. Cannabis equity means applying an equitable lens to cannabis policies.  

    The historic criminalization of cannabis, referred to as the "War on Drugs", has disproportionately affected communities of color. Cannabis convictions and arrests have barred these communities from participating in the legal market and has left an entire community of people with limited access to housing, education, and employment.  

    The City is fostering the inclusion of a new business community through public policy by opening the door to those with limited access to capital, limited ability to secure property, and limited ability to navigate the licensing process.

    Social equity centers around a commitment to diversity, a belief that we should not be defined by our past alone, that equal opportunity is a right, that equity is the path to equality, and a vital investment in a healthier community.

  • How is the City increasing equity in cannabis?

    The City is committed to increasing equity in cannabis through the following areas of the City's Cannabis Social Equity Program:

    Equity Ownership: Equity applicants are eligible for a variety of benefits throughout the City's licensing process, including fee waivers, direct grants, expedited application review, application workshops, and technical assistance. 

    Equity Hire: Adult-use cananbis businesses are required to hire equity employees for at least 40% of the work hours performed at the business. The City helps connect equity employees to adult-use cannabis businesses in Long Beach. 

    Community Reinvestment: All adult-use cannabis businesses are required to submit plans describing how they intend to support and reinvest in communities most impacted by the War on Drugs. Each plan must describe how the business intends to support one or more of the following community priorities within eligible Social Equity Program census tracts:

    • Child & Youth Development
    • Violence Prevention
    • Re-Entry
    • Economic Inclusion