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Cannabis Equity Program

The objective of Cannabis Equity Program is to support equitable opportunities in the local cannabis industry by making legal cannabis business ownership and employment opportunities more accessible to individuals impacted by the prior criminalization of cannabis in the City. This includes providing individuals with support and access to resources such as direct grants, fee waivers, expedited application and facility plan check review, cultivation tax deferrals, and Direct Technical Assistance to open an Equity Business, whether it is a cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, lab testing and/or dispensary license type(s).

The longer-term goal of the Program is to recognize and address the long-term negative social impact associated with the disproportionate enforcement of cannabis policies on Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) and low-income communities in the City. Long-term impacts from the criminalization of cannabis include social stigma of criminal conviction and incarceration, family and community disintegration (especially if the incarcerated individual was the primary or sole income earner in the household), permanent loss of property, disqualification from employment opportunities, reduced earnings potential, exclusion from public benefits, and inability to vote in public elections.

Equity Program Opportunities:

Open an
Equity Business


Individuals who qualify for the Equity Program and want to open a cannabis business in the City of Long Beach are eligible to receive the following assistance to help navigate the City's cannabis application process:

  • Access to application workshops;
  • Fee waivers;
  • Direct grants;
  • Expedited application and facility plan check review;
  • Cultivation tax deferrals;
  • Direct Technical Assistance


Get a Job
in Cannabis

Equity Employment

Individuals who qualify for the Equity Program are eligible to receive the following benefits and assistance to get a job in the cannabis industry: 

  • Employment opportunities;
  • Job fairs and orientations;
  • Job search assistance.




On May 17, 2022, the Long Beach City Council voted on the first reading of the Equity Dispensary Ordinance and Resolution to allow up to 8 additional dispensaries to be owned exclusively by equity applicants. The City Council will vote on the second reading on May 24th and the ordinance will go into effect 31 days after it is signed into law by the Mayor.  

Want to learn more about what has happened to date? Check out our New Policy Initiatives website.  


Department of Cannabis Control

The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) released a new data visualization tool to help inform consumers and business owners where they can purchase safe and legal cannabis products from licensed retailers and which cities and counties license cannabis businesses.          Click here to learn more.

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