Ethics Commission

The Ethics Commission is responsible for the impartial and effective administration of the provisions of the City's Charter related to campaign financing, lobbying, conflicts of interest, and governmental ethics. Established through Measure CCC, the Commission serves as an advisory body and does not have the authority to conduct investigations.

Mission Statement

The Ethics Commission strives to advance public trust and confidence in the City’s government through education and the development of policies and processes that promote each of the City’s values of Accountability, Equity, Impartiality, Diversity, Transparency, and Integrity.

About the Commission

On November 6, 2018, Long Beach voters approved Measure CCC - City of Long Beach Ethics Commission. Measure CCC amended the City Charter to create a Commission of Long Beach residents to monitor, administer, and implement government ethics in the City.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Support and Guidance: Providing support to agencies and public officials in administering the provisions of the Charter and other relevant laws, specifically in areas of campaign finance, conflicts of interest, and government ethics.
  • Policy Recommendations: Offering recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on campaign finance reform, lobbying, governmental ethics, and conflicts of interest. This includes reporting on the effectiveness of these laws.
  • Conflict of Interest Codes: Assisting departments in the development of their conflict of interest codes as required by state law.
  • Educational Advocacy: Enhancing understanding of the Charter, City ordinances, and the roles of public officials and institutions, alongside the City electoral process.
  • Ethics Training Program: Developing and implementing educational programs for newly elected/appointed officials, candidates, campaign treasurers, and lobbyists, emphasizing the importance of ethics to public confidence in municipal government.


The Ethics Commission Regular Meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of month, at 3:00 p.m. The agendas and minutes are available on the City's Meetings website. Community members are welcomed to attend the meetings and address the Commission.


The Commission is comprised of seven Commissioners. Two Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor who have represented local civic organization(s) with a demonstrated history of involvement in local governance. Two Commissioners are appointed by the City Auditor who have a background in public policy or public law, governmental ethics or open government matters, campaign finance, auditing of compliance with ethics laws, protection of whistleblowers, or technology as it relates to open government. The final three Commissioners are appointed by the Commission, following a public recruitment and application process, by the affirmative vote of at least three members of the Commission.


Barbara Pollack
Vice Chair


Lani De Benedictis

J. P. Shotwell


Susan Wise


Term of Office

The term for Commissioners will be four (4) years. No Commissioners will serve for more than two (2) consecutive terms.

The first four (4) Commissioners appointed by the Mayor and City Auditor will serve an initial two (2) year term and will be eligible for re-appointment to one additional four (4) year term.


Appointments to fill vacancies on the Commission will be made within sixty (60) days of the position becoming vacant. The vacancy will be appointed by the same method and procedure utilized for the initial Commissioner appointment either by the Mayor, City Auditor or Commission.

Commission Staff 

Heather Van Wijk
Ethics Officer

Jorge Godinez
Assistant to the City Manager

Tyler Curley
Administrative Deputy City Manager

Taylor Anderson
Deputy City Attorney

J.T. Nagayama
City Clerk Analyst

For questions or comments, please contact Heather Van Wijk, Ethics Officer, by phone at (562) 570-7443 or email at

Per Article 11.2 of the Ethics Commission's bylaws, Commissioners and Commission staff are required to disclose and report in writing, any substantive information relevant to a matter within decision making authority of the Commission. Please know that your communication (written or oral) with any Commissioner or Commission staff outside of a public meeting may result in a public disclosure.                    



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