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2030 Strategic Vision

The Long Beach 2030 Strategic Vision (Strategic Vision) affirms and reframes the City’s commitment to supporting the diverse Long Beach community and resolves to achieve a future in which all residents experience Long Beach as a safe, clean and healthy place to live, learn, work, play and thrive. 

The Strategic Vision was developed to provide a long-term framework that not only identifies and prioritizes the City’s high-level vision and goals, but also embraces the everchanging climate of the community and weaves the anchors of equity and resilience into the fabric of how the City serves its residents for years to come.

The vision is organized into two sections (diagrammed below): Our Community and Our Government. The community chapter reflects the collective vision for Long Beach – improving the quality of life for all residents – as well as desired outcomes for neighborhoods. It identifies goals and strategies across eight key themes. The city government chapter outlines the City’s goals to ensure it can effectively and resiliently engage and serve communities across Long Beach. The chapter outlines six key areas of focus.

Read the full City of Long Beach 2030 Strategic Vision.