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FPPC Agency Disclosure (Form 800 series)

Please click on the hyperlinks below to view the 800 series Forms.

Form 801 – Gift to Agency Report

This form is for use by all state and local government agencies to disclose payments made to the agency when payments provide a personal benefit to an official of the agency.

Form 802 – Agency Report of Ceremonial Role Events and Ticket Distributions

The Form 802 is used by state and local government agencies to disclose detailed information about the distribution of tickets and passes, including the identity of persons who receive the tickets and passes and the public purpose of each ticket distribution. 

Form 803 – Behested Payment Report

A behested payment is when a state or local elected official or a member of California’s Public Utilities Commission solicits a donation to an organization, such as a 501(c)(3), that is used for legislative, governmental or charitable purposes. 

Form 806 – Agency Report of Public Officials Appointments

Report additional compensation that officials receive when appointing themselves to positions on committees, boards or commissions of a public agency, special district, joint powers agency or authority.