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Long Beach
City Attorney

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Long Beach Airport Allocation of Supplemental Flight Slots
Michael J. Mais
Assistant City Attorney
(562) 570-2230

The attached documents provide information regarding the allocation of additional Air Carrier Flight Slots at the Long Beach Airport. An allocation of supplemental slots is being considered in accordance with the provisions of Long Beach Municipal Code Chapter 16.43.

1. City Council Study Session Staff Report (December 8, 2015) regarding allocation of supplemental flight slots and attachments

2. City Council Study Session PowerPoint with revised slide 11 inserted at the end (December 8, 2015) 

3. Protocol for the allocation and withdrawal of supplemental air carrier flight slots 

4. Technical Reports related to Airport Noise Studies and the allocation of supplemental air carrier flight slots:

     a. Vince Mestre/Landrum & Brown Report dated 10/29/15 

     b. HMMH Report (Peer Review) dated 11/2/15 

     c. Vince Mestre/Landrum & Brown Report dated 11/12/15

    d. HMMH Report (Peer Review) dated 11/19/15