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Trapping of Wildlife

Consistent with State Law, the City of Long Beach Prohibits the Trapping of healthy Wildlife

City of Long Beach Policy

Animal Care Services encourages the healthy co-existence of the public and the natural wildlife. Consistent with the California Code of Regulations, the trapping and destruction of healthy wildlife in the City of Long Beach is strictly prohibited. Any healthy wildlife trapped in the City of Long Beach must be released immediately within the area it was trapped. Animal Care Services will assist in the capture of wildlife that is sick, injured or posing a threat to public safety.

California Code of Regulations (CCR) 679.(f)(4)

Any healthy wildlife trapped in towns or cities or removed from under buildings or otherwise taken or trapped in accordance with Section 4152 or 4180, Fish and Game Code shall be immediately released in the area where trapped or disposed of as directed or authorized by the department. Any such wildlife that has been determined by a veterinarian to be so seriously ill that it cannot be treated shall be euthanized and tested as directed by the appropriate county public health agency or the department.