Use Wildlife-Resistant Containers.

  • Always keep trash, recycling, and compost in secure bins.
  • Wait to put out trash until the morning of collection.
  • Remove unsecured trash, food, and strongly scented items (e.g., sunscreen) from yard.

Use Simple, Effective Exclusion Methods.

  • Keep doors and windows closed and locked when unoccupied.
  • Bring small pets, pet food and animal feed in­­side - or otherwise fully secured - at night.
  • Eliminate access to potential den sites (e.g., under deck, attic, chimney).

Use Simple, Effective Deterrent Methods.

  • Install motion-activated lights, noise or alarms.
  • Install electric fencing around chicken coops and animal enclosures.
  • Clean garbage and recycling bins with bleach or ammonia.
  • Do not feed raccoons!