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‘Click For Quiet’ is a positive-reinforcement (R+) training method that helps dogs at the shelter feel more relaxed in their kennels and less frustrated or nervous. When dogs show good manners, ‘mark’ the good manners as soon as the dog does them with a clicker and a treat. This helps the dog want to keep showing good manners. This will help people see what a good dog they are and will help them get adopted.
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From about 1-2 feet away from the dog kennels, slowly walk by the
front of each kennel and toss a treat in, then move on to the next kennel.


Walk past each kennel from 1-2 feet from the dog kennel. When the
dog shows good manners (calm, quiet, sitting, or standing on all 4 feet).
‘mark’ the good manners with a click from the clicker, then toss a treat
into the kennel. Repeat this step with each kennel.

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Walk closer to the front of each kennel. When the dog is calm and quiet,
sitting or standing on all four feet, ‘mark’ the good manners with a click
from the clicker, and toss a treat into the kennel. Repeat this step with
each kennel.


You can wait a few seconds longer before giving a treat after you 
‘mark’ the go and reward the good behavior.

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Some dogs need more help showing good manners more often than others. Some may be too afraid to come to the front of their kennel. Still, others might be too loud and even charge at the front of their kennel, trying to get attention. These dogs will need more Click For Quiet visits to help them come to the front of their kennels to show people their good manners.
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   These dogs might be afraid and usually hide or keep away from people. 
   Make sure to ‘mark’ their bravery when they come to the front of their
   kennel and look softly into their eyes. You may have to do ‘step 1’ a lot
   before they start to get closer to you.

Loud Mouth
  Loud Mouths

  These dogs will use their voices loudly or even jump toward the kennel to get
  people to notice them. Give treats when these dogs are calm, quiet, sitting, or
  standing with all four paws on the ground. They will learn that these good
  manners mean they will get treated, and they will do these good manners more
  and more.

How It Works

All participants are required to use the mobile check-in service upon their arrival. The program is available on Wednesdays through Sundays from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM. We are closed Mondays, Tuesdays & Holidays.

  1. Sign up for Click For Quiet online.                                             
  2. Enter through the Animal Admissions entrance.
  3. Each participant is required to check in to their visit using the online mobile check-in service.
  4. Pick up your name tag and instructions at the front counter of LBACS Admissions.
  5. Go to the Adoption Table in the back.
  6. Pick up treat bags and clickers.

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