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Lost & Found

If you found a healthy animal, and you are able to care for them for a few days, please email the following information to animalcare@longbeach.gov:

• Photo of the animal
• Gender
• Location where the animal was found

Lost Dogs Lost Cats Lost Rabbit, Bird, Reptile, etc.

Lost Dogs

Lost Cats

Lost Rabbits, Birds, Reptiles, etc.

  • What to do when You Have Lost Your Pet

    We highly recommend all of the following steps in order for you to find your missing pet.

    Canvass your neighborhood- Talk to your neighbors, ask them to keep an eye out, give them your contact information. Register for a free "Animal Alert" for your cat or dog on LostMyDoggie  They will create a professional lost pet flyer and Fax AND Email it to 25 nearby shelters/vets!  Don't let this replace your hard work though, this should complement your efforts! 

    Post your lost pet on social media sites- Facebook, Instagram, etc. Send descriptive emails about your lost pet to your animal shelter, local friends, colleagues and family members, and ask them to pass on the info to anyone they can. Post messages to animal forums and message boards run by groups based in your area, lots of parks and dog parks have online communities. 

    Come to the shelter during normal business hours to walk our kennels - If you do not find your pet, please ask an Animal Care Services staff member to check our Isolation, Feral and Quarantine sections.

    Check with veterinary hospitals, the mail carrier, meter reader, delivery people and other shelters. (If the pet may enter into another shelter's jurisdiction). It is not uncommon for a lost pet to wander for several miles, so search at least 7 blocks in either direction.

    Don't Give Up!

  • How Do I Claim My Pet?

    Come to the shelter during normal business hours to pick up your pet. You must be 18 years old or older to redeem an animal. The following identifying information must be provided at the time of reclaim:

    • Proof of license
    • Proof of rabies inoculation
    • Certificate of sterility
    • Medical records for pet
    • Adoption or purchase documents
    • Microchip information
    • Photo of animal (combined with documents above)
    • MUST HAVE Government identification (i.e. drivers license, passport)
    • MUST HAVE Applicable Fees (cash or MasterCard or Visa) no checks for redemptions

    It is for the protection of the owner and the pet that we cannot redeem any pet without proof of ownership.

    The following requirements must be met prior to any pet being released to its owner:

    • Dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies, implanted with a microchip, and issued a license (for our five service cities of Long Beach, Seal Beach, Signal Hill, Cerritos and Los Alamitos).
    • All payments for redemption of pets will be cash or credit card, no checks accepted.

    Once a pet has been held the required holding period and has been adopted into a new home, the pet belongs to the new owner. If your pet has been adopted, staff will contact the new owner and ask if they wish to return the pet or contact you. If the new owner chooses not to return the pet or contact you, there is no other action that can taken. Adoptions are final.