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License Required for Dogs

License Required for dogs and cats LBMC 6.08.010 - License Required.

A. Dog license. No person responsible for any dog shall have such dog, male or female, over the age of four (4) months, within the city without at all times having upon such dog a collar or harness to which shall be securely fastened a tag as provided in this chapter. Said tag may be issued at any time during the calendar year and may be issued for a period of twelve (12) months. The tag shall be obtained from the director, inscribed with the letters and words "LONG BEACH" and with the serial number of the tag. The tax shall be sufficient only during the period for which the tag is issued.

Dog Licenses are required in the cities below per their municipal codes listed.

  • Cerritos CMC 8.04.035(a)
  • Signal Hill SHMC 6.04.030
  • Los Alamitos LAMC 6.08.010
  • Seal Beach SBMC 7.05.040

 For licensing information please visit the Pet Licensing page where you may also purchase your license online.